Born in Mumbai and belonging to Srinagar, Kashmir, Sanjay Raina is one of India's leading stage performers and pop singer, He has also been widely accepted as compare too. Besides he spearheads and Entertainment Management Company of repute today. Sanjay released his first album titled Balle Balle Shera, the first punjabi rap album in the country, which was a runway hit, with traditional wedding songs like. Hakim tarachand zara ko they tey aaja.

His second album, Hungama took him to greater heights with the title song and video doing wonders for him, which was directed by Ken Ghosh, the ace video maker of India.

Sanjay when ahead with his third release title Remix Number One, An album with eight all time film chartbusters, now remixed. This was the first time that one artist did an entire solo album on remixed and this placed him on an exclusive platform of being extremely versatile and a user friendly performer.

The famous courtroom drama video "Dil lena khel hai dildaar ka" was from this album. Shortly thereafter, India's no. One dj sunny sarid produced a remix album called club class where the video song ..Aye meri zohra jabeen was sung by sanjay. This has been probably the most played and famous remixed of all times in india. Sanjay wrote, composed and sung a superb song for the Indian team for the world cup. The song "Jeetega-Jeetega" had a very interesting video where sanjay used hundreds of children and recreated the world cup which India has won. The video got tremendous airplay on all the tv channels.

Sanjay Raina got his first film music release in the movie "khauff", the song "saiyaan mere saiyaan" is one super bit of music done by Anu Malik in the Sanjay Dutt and Manisha Koirala starrer "Khauff".